Spam Storm!

Over the past two days, the blog here has been under the effects of a spam storm. Over 200 spam comments were blocked and ultimately deleted in that period, the most in all of the history of the blog. All of these spam comments were designed to promote just one website, a blank page designed to drive clicks to a random harvesting site.

Its hard to figure out whether there was any kind of intelligence to the storm: the spam was quite easy to detect, as there were only two or three different comment text blocks in use. They all also used much the same pitch to attract clicks to the harvesting site, a rather come on toward blog owners to increase their cashflow return from the blog through the use of a technique that I won’t mention by name because I don’t want it to show up in web searches, which is also why I’m not listing the harvesting website, either. It was also pretty apparent that at least one of the text blocks was by someone with a limited knowledge of English, whether just by lack of education or if English was not their primary language.

However, to cut down on that spam storm, just so that I don’t have to keep cleaning it out of the queue because it always gets caught, I have turned on the requirement that only registered members can comment. That shouldn’t be a problem as the regular commenters are already registered.

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