Hypnotic Poison” by Dior

A puzzling harmony born out of the fusion of four contrasting olfactive facets:the biting and intoxicating note of bitter almond and carvi, the more opulent and precious note of jasmine Sambac, the bewitching and mysterious note of moss and Jacaranda tree, and the hypnotic and sensuous note of vanilla and musk.

Hypnotic Poison” by Christian Dior is the name of a fragrance whose main attraction (like “Hypnotique”) is the not-so-subtle suggestion of hypnotic power and control over men. That is accentuated by the description of the blend of fragrances described above: ‘intoxicating’, ‘bewitching’, ‘mysterious’, and ‘hypnotic’, all words designed to further emphasize the mesmerizing appeal.

Description: In French slang, ‘poison’ means ‘dangerous woman’, or what Americans would call a ‘vamp’, and that is just the impression that results: a perfume for women who want to be hypnotic, who want to feel mesmerizing, and it seems to work. Numerous reviews and descriptions of the perfume by its users include such words and phrases as “mesmerizing” and “hypnotic” in regards to how they feel it works.

Hypnotic Poison” is the creation of noted perfumer Annick Ménardo.

The woman in the above image is actress Mila Jovanovich.


One Response to “Hypnotic Poison” by Dior”

  • Jeff Sauber says:

    Stylish imagery.. This stuff dovetails nicely into the current Twilight/vampire obsession, both on a stylistic level and also in the currently popular theme of obsessive passion.. “Hypnotic poison” sounds liek it would have a great appeal to an English speaking audience the way “Seduction” does. And of course, Mila rocks.

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