30 Days of Hypnosis: Day 13

How do you feel about stage hypnosis?

I am not one of these people who consider stage hypnosis to be in some way a degradation of the use of hypnosis. I feel it is a valid form of entertainment when performed by people who know what they are doing and are cognizant of the potential safety factors involved in any live performance.

That said, I must add that I know more than a couple professional stage hypnotists, some of whom are personal friends. I would never want to negatively impact their professional standing and reputation, not their livelihoods.

Would you ever consent to trancing someone / being tranced in front of an audience?

I am by nature a rather quiet and reserved person, not very comfortable being in the spotlight, so I would not in most circumstances want to do anything before an audience by myself. That includes being the hypnotist as well as the subject. If there was some way of getting acclimated to that, through experience, I may reconsider.

That said, I could be persuaded to participate in a stage hypnosis show as a subject, especially for a female stage hypnotist.

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