BlogCatalog: not worth the effort

I have a very good plugin in All-In-One Webmaster, which concentrates support for a number of blog-oriented websites and services, not the least of which are Google Webmaster and Google Analytics, Yahoo, etc. It puts in the meta tags and code into the blog pages to identify the blog to these services and makes it easy to register for these services if not already registered. 

One of the web services this plugin supports is BlogCatalog. I went and signed up with the service and added the returned ID code into the settings page and verified the data was in the blog page. Then I waited for BlogCatalog to finish querying the website to check the tag and verify the site was there.

That was a couple of weeks ago. With a week, i got a message from BlogCatalog saying they couldn’t verify the blog, which was bogus as I could see that the required meta tag was present. I waited about another week and tried again, with the same results.

Therefore, I went to the BlogCatalog website to register a complaint. What I found was that the comment form wasn’t working, and when I tried to add a discussion about this situation, I got an almost-blank page with a message saying “An unexpected error occurred.”

If that’s the level of support BlogCatalog has for its own website, then its not worth my time to do anything further with it. I’ve removed the ID code from the settings pages and will have nothing further to do with them. Its just not worth the effort. 

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