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A blogroll, in blogging terms, is a list of external websites that the local website lists and has some kind of connection with. Its not very long at the moment but I expect it will grow.


A Succubi’s Tale — One of the most seductive supernatural creatures around, succubi (and their male counterparts, incubi) are ascribed in popular culture to be overwhelmingly and hypnotically charming (second only to vampires in these regards, if only by their status as secondary to vampires in popularity, although the owner of the blog in question will say otherwise.)

Mind Control 101 — Okay, hypnosis isn’t Mind Control, or, at least, that’s the point I am trying to present. Still the two concepts overlap in the public consciousness far too much to be ignored.


Derren Brown — Well, he plays on on TV, along with playing an illusionist, showman and magician, and probably a few other kinds of performer that haven’t been named yet. And he’s pretty good at them all, from what little I’ve been able to see (the Atlantic Ocean and the metaphorical divide it represents makes it difficult to watch him here in the US.) Plus he has a lot intelligent things to say about a lot of different subjects in his blog.

Brian David Phillips — An American Werewolf in Taipei — Brian David Phillips has apparently made one of his life’s goals the promotion and popularization of hypnosis to the lay and professional communities both through his Society for Experiential Trance and his extensive collection and support system of training videos.


Blissful Thoughts — The blog of my good friend Lady Ru’Etha. She is one of the few people I’ve allowed to hypnotize me. Warning: Content may be NSFW as what she has to say can venture into sexual territory.

Jukebox’s Hypnotic Blog — Someone I’ve befriended through Lady Ru’Etha and who also has interesting things to say about hypnosis. Again, some content may be NSFW as what he has to say can venture into sexual territory.

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