A Working Life: The Hypnotherapist” — Guardian, UK

The British newspaper The Guardian has an interesting article on hypnotherapist Anthony Jacquin.

The window sill in the waiting room of Anthony Jacquin’s hypnotherapy practice is piled high with empty cigarette packets. Unlike most of his clientele I am not here for help with quitting a debilitating habit of one sort or another, so I’m momentarily confused by this cue. Then the penny drops.

There’s a few scalps there,” he says proudly. “I cleared the office out and found a few packets people had left so I put them there. That evening there were two more. I don’t ask people to leave them, but if they do, then good.”

The author Graham Snowdon deserves credit for not giving in to the media stereotypes and especially for writing a respectful article that is very informative. 

Discovered through Derren Brown’s blog.

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