This Week in Comics — 2011/02/16

Its Vampire Week in this installment of This Week in Comics!

Vampirella #3”

As seen in the previous issue, vampires have the power to enthrall their victims. The question was, does Vampirella have the same power? According to this issue, yes, she does, she just doesn’t like to use it, especially on humans, but sometimes its unavoidable, especially in this case, on the woman who was enthralled in the previous issue.

(Vampirella) “Be still.”

(Sofia) “No gotta get out of here let me go …

(Sofia) “ok”

(Vampirella) “I hate doing this, slipping into a human’s mind and bending it to my will.
“It’s a violation.
“I should stay on target. Focus on the enemy.
“But I just can’t leave her like this. Lost and vulnerable.”

(Vampirella) “Come with me. You’ll be safe.”

(Sofia) “ ‘k. Come with you. Be safe.”

However, once they are safe, Vampirella enters a coma and is unconscious for two days. During that time, the girl she enthralled and rescued stayed with her, and is now curious about her and is even willing to assist her, having seen only the barest fraction of the horrors that await.

Eerie Cuties”

I mentioned the webcomic “Eerie Cuties” a couple of weeks ago. Despite having at least two vampires as continuing characters, up to now, there has been no display of anything resembling vampire mesmerism or mind control.

Until now.

The comic from this past Tuesday features a bit of vampire mind control through the context of the classic neck bite. Layla, the older vampire sister is trying on some new clothes when she decides that the salesgirl Tiffany helping her would look better in them. The manager objects, sending Tiffany running away screaming. Feeling maybe a little responsible for the situation, as well as being slightly annoyed at the manager, Layla puts the bite on the manager: Layla then tells the manager to forget the incident, and, oh, yes, give Tiffany a raise.

The fact that Tiffany is a vampire-slayer and knows Layla is a vampire is also cause for amusement, as she like totally misses her chances to stake Layla, always promising to herself that she will totally do it the next chance she gets. Much amusement expected in the future.

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