This Week in Comics — 2011/03/09

Heroes for Hire #4

The Puppet Master’s control over Misty (only here did I see that her real name is Mercedes) Knight is quickly deteriorating, and despite his efforts, she is able to break free of his hold and emerge from the fantasy land dream state she was trapped in. The Puppet Master is in for a world of hurt, but he has a backup plan, in the form of the Punisher (who knows Misty and has provided some material assistance to her and her partner Colleen. which might the only way she could survive.) It is assumed that he is also under the control of the Puppet Master.

We also see that the Puppet Master is working for a mysterious superior, who supplied the advanced technology that interfaced with her bionic arm that facilitated his control over her. This is certainly a far cry from the radioactive clay he normally uses to control his victims but it also demonstrates that he knows more about the mind and how to control it than normally shown.

Legion of Super-Villains

Even though Saturn Queen is supposedly safely locked away on Tarkon-Galtos, held in a cell that should restrict her telepathic powers, she is somehow able to control the warden into releasing her. That is only the beginning, as she starts a general riot to cover her own escape, along with a small, select group of followers (including her fellow LSV founder Lightning Lord, who is not liking her assumption of authority, but not Cosmic King, interestingly enough.)

Her purpose? She has gone beyond the limiting scope of good and evil and has embraced chaos as the fundamental right of existence, and is willing to destroy the three worlds which symbolize law in the universe. She is apparently working for a higher power, whose symbol is the blue flame that rises from her hand and binds her group to her purpose.

The first world she attempts is the strongest defended, Oa, the former home of the Guardians and the sponsors of the Green Lanterns: even though the Green Lanterns were almost completed destroyed, the Lantern Corps is now being rebuilt. But they aren’t needed to defend Oa, it has other defenses Saturn Queen is unable to pierce at this time. Instead, the power that guides her directs her to another, stranger target: the Rock of Infinity, the former home of the wizard Shazam and the source of magic and the powers of the Marvel family, as well as the center of belief in the universe. Unable to damage it by normal means, it is shattered when another mystical planet (Gemworld, maybe?) is thrown against it. Saturn Queen and her entourage leave before they see that there was someone trapped within it that other world has now been released, most likely not the power whose orders she is following.

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