Practically everyone in this show has some kind of mental hangup, and that’s the focus of the series.

For the three main characters, they all have full-grown psychological disorders that conflict and coöperate at the same time. The male lead Tarou is a masochist, but only when women do the damage; Mio is a sadist and, in classic animé style, is self-conscious about her flat breasts; and Arashiko of the abundant breasts cannot stand being touched or even being around men and will even attack them if they get too close. Therefore, Tarou is in ecstasy when Mio or Arashiko hit him, and they do, a lot, as Mio gets inordinate pleasure from doing so whereas Arashiko does so when flustered or by accident and is immediately sorry.

Its also the running joke, that Mio is always trying to find ways to ‘cure’ Tarou’s masochism (including an candle-lit exorcism) that always wind up reinforcing his masochism instead of curing it. Of course, one of those ways involves hypnosis.

The rest of the cast all have their hangups as well: Tarou’s mother and teen-aged sister are extremely overly affectionate toward him (both want to marry him) and even compete with each other (and his girlfriends) for his affections; Tarou’s friend Tatsukichi is a cross-dresser (and quite good at it) and seems to have an alternate personality emerge when dressing as a woman; Noa, a senior, although her appearance is still that of a younger girl, is a genius who never had a childhood as she had to study all the time, and who always refers to herself in third-person; Noa’s assistant Yukinojō is a major lolicon (fan of prepubescent girls) and joined the Inventor’s Club to be closer to Noa; and school nurse Michiru knows all about everyone’s hangups, possesses an apparently unlimited supply of cosplay costumes and loves to take pictures of the students in them.

Needless to say, the entire series is NSFW.

History: MM!” was originally a series of light novels that were first translated into manga and then converted to animé.


The animé is only 12 episodes long.

Episode #5

This episode introduces Noa, the President of the Inventor’s Club, who discovers (using a device that is similar to the Saiyan battle power meter from “DragonBall”) that Tarou possesses an extreme amount of hentai (pervert) energy (30,000 points whereas the average person has 5) and drains it to power her hentai conversion machine. The preliminary effects are already affecting the high school: every students’ hidden perversions are now on public display: once the machine is at full power, it will transform everyone on the Earth into perverts, just so Noa would not feel alone.

However, Yukinojō doesn’t want that to happen, and gives Tarou the Hentai Rider belt, which channels his hentai energy and transforms him into a superhero. (Actually, it transforms him into a Super Saiyin, complete with blond hair and glowing golden aura, another parody of the “DragonBall”  series.) But the belt isn’t enough, so he calls Mio (who was sick that day) and starts insulting her (lack of) breasts. Suddenly she appears, kicking the door open, and starts hitting him. Recharged by Mio’s attacks, he is able to destroy Noa’s robot guardian by the power of his “hentai” beam by calling out “HE-N-TA-I-HAAAA” in parody of Goku’s Kamehameha beam attack.

With the guardian defeated, Tarou is able to convince Nao to shut down the hentai machine by saying that he accepted her just as she was. But the machine can’t be shut down, so Tarou calls out to all the perverts of the world, asking them to lend him their pervert energy (another “DragonBall” parody bit) by which he can destroy the hentai machine and rescue Noa. Without the effects of the hentai machine, the school returns to normal, with one addition: Nao now recognizes Tarou as her first true love, although she announces it by appearing at club door inside a robot and dumping a load of lilac flowers (symbolizing true love) in the doorway. And she still refers to herself in third person.

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(The Hentai belt makes a re-appearance in episode #7.)

Episode #8

The episode opens with Mio attempting to hypnotize Tarou by swinging a 5‑Yen coin before his eyes. Arashiko exclaimed that she didn’t know Mio knew hypnosis, and Mio replied that she saw it on TV the previous night and practiced it all night. It doesn’t seem to have any effect on Tarou until he instantly drops into trance. Taking advantage of his situation, Mio gives Tarou a post-hypnotic suggestion to end his every statement with the phrase “Hugetastic boobs!” which he obeys without understanding why upon awakening.

But that’s only the beginning: using hypnosis, Mio attempts to cure Tarou’s masochism, which appear to work, until Noa interrupts the process, causing Tarou to become enamored with her, becoming a lolicon. But that’s just the beginning: further attempts to reverse the previous only cause further perversions to emerge. After hugging Arashiko upon believing himself cured, and getting punched into the sky in return, he returns to Earth dressed as a Tuxedo Mask costume, minus pants (a Sailor Moon parody bit) and proceeds to romance every girl he sees, exhibint a variety of fetishes, and that includes surprising the school nurse with a fetish for her legs, still in the Tuxedo Mask costume.

Mio captures Tarou and hypnotizes him one last time, then tests him and discovers that he is no longer a masochist. However, Tarou instead becomes infatuated with his friend Tatsukichi, the cross-dresser. Mio first tries to arouse Tarou’s masculine sensibility by showing him a sexy Arashiko in a Playboy bunny outfit, but his only thoughts are how Tatsukichi would react. Mio’s solution is to have Tatsukichi cross-dress, which brings out his female personality, but Tarou’s answer is a magical girl transformation of his own, with an emphasis on “transformation” and “girl”, Sailor Moon style. The nurse Michiru’s answer to the change is to start taking his picture.

Finally, though Tarou is forced to accept himself and the part of himself that is masochistic, and all of the false fetishes disappear. He’s not cured, but at least he’s back to “normal” again.

Commentary: This episode demonstrates the problem with therapy that tries to resolve the apparent problem without resolving the underlying issues. Tarou’s parent problem is his masochism but that is only the surface issue: when Mio hypnotizes him and flatly tells him he is not masochistic, the unstated underlying issue causes him to exhibit a number of other fetishes in compensation. Only when he counters the succession of hypnotic suggestions and acknowledge his masochism does the other fetishes disappear.

Plus, there are more that a few hypnotic stereotypes here:

  • Familiar Focus: the 5‑Yen coin on a string is a common induction focus in animé. It is used because a) it is considered “lucky” and b) it is the only coin with a hole in the center that can be used to tie a string to.
  • Instant Expert: Mio saw hypnosis on television and was an overnight expert. Of course, that’s Mio in a nutshell.
  • Its Not Working, Its Not Working, Its Not … (thud): Protestations by the subject that they aren’t going to be hypnotized only mean they will be hypnotized very soon.
  • Don’t Try This At Home: Unprofessional use of therapeutic hypnosis only leads to more problems than it solves
  • Unanticipated Results: the whole plot is based on that hypnotic and comedy stereotype
  • Post-Hypnotic Suggestion Fun: “Hugetastic Boobs!”

Recommendation: Personally, I haven’t laughed as much at an episode in a long time as I did for these two. The stereotypes got worse and worse and the parodies even more so.


  • MM! at TVTropes (Enter at your own risk) The series is so trope laden it has its own page list all of the tropes.

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