Love, American Style”

TV series like this don’t usually survive: an anthology series based on a single topic (in chse, love in all its accepted forms of the day) without a central character or actor (except for the ever-present ornate brass bed) usually don’t have the ability to carry an audience. “Love, American Style” survived for five seasons and for many years afterward in syndication.


And as usually happens with long-running comedies, there will be at least one (in thie case, two) stories involving hypnosis.

Love and the Hypnotist’

At his bachelor party, RIch Little was hypnotized and given the suggestion to act like a child whenever he hears a bell ring. On the day of the wedding, the hypnotist is frantic in trying to locale him, because the hypnotist didn’t remove the suggestion. And, of course, a bell will ring periodically throughout the wedding ceremony, thanks to a stray cat with a bell on its collar.

Love and the Hot Spell’

Prospective groom Jack (Mike Farrell) has a problem, or, rather, his prospective bride Karen (Patricia Stitch) does: she’s so nervous about the wedding that she’s almost ready to call it off. Fortunately best man Herb (Steve Franken) is a hypnotist and proposes hypnotizing Karen to help her get over her nervousness. And, just because he’s a pal. Herb also adds a post-hypnotic suggestion that will turn Karen into the “sensous woman” whenever she hears the word “umbrella”.

But he doesn’t expect that the weather will turn to rain and everyone is saying the word “umbrella”, so Karen is becoming passionate with every man she sees, including the minister! The only way to break the hypnotic spell is to say the words “Bottoms Up!” And when its all over, Herb hypnotizes Karen once more and tells her to forget the suggestions and to forget the events related to them. So therefore, she forgets even getting married, forcing Jack to call out for his friend once more.

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