Wayward Sons: Legends”

Wayward Sons: Legends” is an involved web comic chronicling the battle between the Ulympians and the Tytans. They’re both refugees from another galaxy, thrown to Earth by a cosmic mishap and forced to begin their lives over. That the mishap has made them immortal and given them all immense powers that seem godlike (especially to the humans who already worshiped various images that could easily be applied to the various individuals) and since they were already enemies means that both are building for war.

Since many of the Ulympeans are surrogates of the Greek / Roman gods, it would only be natural that someone among therm would be the surrogate of Morpheus, the god of dreams. In fact, there are two of them: Somnoz, who has the power to put his opponents to sleep, although it seems he has to use some kind of goggles to keep his powers in check, and Morfeaz, who has the power to m,anipulate the dreams of sleeping or onconscious people.

Overall, these are just a couple of minor characters: I find the whole grand scope of the story interesting, especially since it looks like it is reaching the big battle, but it is also interesting how the various mythologies of the area are incorporated into the characters and story.

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