Voodoo: Dancing in the Dark”

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When former superhero Priscilla Kitaen (code name Voodoo) travels to New Orleans to discover her future, she becomes involved with a battle between factions of the loa and an attempt to resurrect a dead sorcerer.

Voodoo was a member of the WildC.A.T.s, a covert action superhero team, who became disappointed with her life as a superhero and travelled to New Orleans to take up her former job as an exotic dancer (stage name: Voodoo.) Upon arriving, she is met by both Papa Legba and Mait’ Carrefour, deciding to follow the latter to dance at the Midnight Lounge. The owner of the Lounge, Christian Charles, was murdering dancers and anyone who inquired about them as part of his scheme to use the blood to revive his dead father, Jean-Pierre LaCroix, with the assistance of Carrefour. Papa Legba and the others of the loa are worried that his scheme would succede all too well, and saw Priscilla as their appointed tool to stop him.

When Christian is finally able to resurrect his father, the loa cannot intervene, but a former superhero can. Dancing and possessed (ridden) by Erzulie Freda, Priscilla lures Christian Charles and his resurrected father through Erzule’s own supernatural attraction back to the hotel where his father was killed and where he confronts the three of the most powerful of the loa, Erzule, Papa Legba and Baron Samedi. Together, they put and end to the plans of Christian Charles and his father. And when her job was finished, Priscilla begins her true initiation into voodoo.

Commentary: “Voodoo: Dancing in the Dark”  was written by one of the best superhero comics writers in the business, Alan Moore, taking the character in ways never imagined by her creaters (as they state in the foreword to the collection.) Moore has said this was not his best work, but it still stands as a good read. Plus, as fas as I can tell, it is faithful and true to the principles of voodoo.

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