This Month’s Theme — Items Older than Myself

As my birthday occurs this month, I thought it appropriate to blog about items in the Collection that are older than myself. Items I am considering include: 

  • An article in the Radio World magazine from March 26th, 1927, entitled ‘Hypnotism Practiced Over Airway!’
  • ‘Minions of the Tiger’ by Chester S. Geier from Fantastic Adventures, September, 1946 
  • “Under the BIrds’ Nests ‑or- The Brutality of Hypnosis” by Carolline Cunningham 
  • “Flint’s Lessons in Hypnotism”
  • “The Secrets of Clairovoyance and How to Become an Operator / Mesmerism and Psychology and How to Become a Mesmerizer and Psychologist”
  • ‘Svengali of Sex! Expose of Carnival Hypnotism Racket’ in Detective World Magazine 
  • ‘My Eyes Have Seen Your Mind’ by Franz Polgar in Sensation, March, 1942 

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