GuildWars 2 — The Return of the Mesmer Profession

GuildWars 2, the follow-up to the popular MMORPG GuildWars, in development now for several months, has been slowly divulging elements of the game. Over that time, the developers disclosed seven of the eight professions in the core game, leaving the fans to wonder about the last and whether it would be the popular Mesmer profession. To give some justification for that premise, it was disclosed that one of the characters in one of the published GW2 novels was a mesmer. Well, now the suspense is over. The eighth and final profession available for characters has been announced and it is (cue the drum roll) indeed the Mesmer.

However, the Mesmer in GW2 is a far cry from the dominating profession it is in GW. The Mesmer in GW2 is a spellcaster that operates primarily as an illusionist, with some additional abilities tied to the establishment and manipulation of their illusions. I’m not sure I quite care for this take, because, while illusions are a part of what a Mesmer can do, they weren’t the major part of the GW skill set. (I much preferred using the Dominate skills as opposed to the Illusion or Inspiration skills.) I do like that the Mesmers are able to use pistols as a weapon, however: it gives them a definite rogue-ish feel to them.

Now,  given that the new game system is highly dependent on character placement on the battlefield, I was suspecting the Mesmer would be more of a commander type, aiding the other characters through inspiration magic, perhaps being a combination of the Mesmer and the Paragon professions from GW. However, at least this incarnation allows a Mesmer to stand on their own without requiring them to always need a group around them to operate effectively.

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