This Week in Comics — 2011/12/14

Star Trek & The Legion of Super Heroes #3

The team-up comic is now in its third issue and only now have the heroes of both worlds met. And, of course, they do so by getting into a fight. Its largely a pointless battle, what with Brainiac 5 being invulnerable to phasers because of force field belt, and the other superheros being more than a match for un-powered humans (or Vulcans) even though they are carrying powerful energy weapons. And just one example of that is Saturn Girl using her telepathic powers to make Lt. Uhura drop her phaser.

Fortunately for all involved, the smartest members of each team quickly come to the realization that they all were not enemies, which is a good thing as quickly after, the real enemies arrive: the Fatal Five of the Legion (in powers and weapons) cast as creatures from Star Trek (Gorn, Orion, etc.: the Emerald Eye is wielded by a green Orion woman.) The two teams naturally work together to defeat them.

The Incredibles

The comic series based after the movie “The Incredibles” is now being reprinted in magazine format. I don’t know the schedule but soon the Dash vs. Mesmerella storyline will come out.

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