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  • ronin1861 says:

    A coin­ci­dence — I’ve been try­ing to track down a cou­ple of sto­ry­lines from Rip Kir­by I remem­ber you fea­tured in your orig­i­nal HiM site. I got an Ital­ian trans­la­tion of one (the one where a woman (Mama Fagin) has hyp­no­tised girls to steal for her); Then there’s a sto­ry­line called (I think) ‘Desmond’s Betray­al’, where he’s hyp­no­tised into inform­ing on Rip.

    I’m not sure those new reprints (by IDW) will go for­ward past the orig­i­nal John Ray­mond mate­r­i­al, BTW. The final (cur­rent?) vol­ume stops with the last sto­ry­line he com­plet­ed before his untime­ly death.

    Thanks for this info.

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