This Week in Comics — 2012/01/18

Birds of Prey #5

Mind Control … and Murder!

The team (Black Canary, Poison Ivy, Katana and Starling, plus guest Batgirl) discover they are missing the time they confronted the mysterious voice, yet they all have different memories of what memories were missing. Plus Batgirl herself is missing. Against that kind of control their opponent seems to have, can they confront him? Well, they think they can.

It takes a day for things start coming back together: Batgirl rejoins the group as Black Canary makes a discovery:

I think Choke’s made ordinary citizens into sleeper agents. We already know he can turn people into walking bombs and transmitting devices, so why not full-on soldiers?

If we find one of them, we can follow the trail back to Choke, and then pound some answers out of him.

There’s just one problem: Starling is missing. She (apparently) got the same location for the meeting but the place she reads is not the same place as before. And she’s been set up. Not Good.

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