New Year’s Resolution Scorecard — Week 04

Reading: I discovered the Doc Savage story “The Green Master” at the local used book store, as I was perusing the stacks in preparation for jury duty the following week (which never happened.) It was a relatively quick read, a much shorter story than the other Doc Savage stories in the collection.

Research: This week I give credit to passive research. I monitor a blog entitled Dr. Hermes Retro-Scans (now in its second incarnation, with More Retro-Scans). The author of the blog periodically reviews pulp era fiction, particularly the stories of the Shadow, the Avenger, Doc Savage, the Green Lama, among others. This is where I am discovering a number of Doc Savage stories that feature hypnosis-related material beyond the couple of stories that I was originally aware of. One of those is “The Green Master” which is the subject of this week’s regular blog posting.

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