Judge Anderson Makes an Appearance

The latest scenes posted online from the filming of the new Judge Dredd movie “Dredd” include a shot of Psi‐Judge Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), alongside the title character, notably as she appeared in the 2000 AD comics without the standard judge’s helmet and what appears to be a Psi‐Judge badge. (Its mostly covered by her arm but its significantly different than Judge Dredd’s badge.)

Psi‐Judges were a special section of the the Judges in the Judge Dredd comic published in the 2000 AD comics magazine, individuals with psychic talents such as telepathy, empathy, precognition, etc. Psi‐Judge Cassandra Anderson was a powerful telepath and also possessed a facility for precognition. She was considered one of the strongest telepaths in the section and was one of the few other judges, including Psi‐Judges, that Judge Dredd himself trusted.

Although its unknown what use the character’s psychic powers will be in the storyline, it is still a good sign that she appears in the new movie. At least is should be better than the last attempt.

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