Judge Anderson Makes an Appearance

The latest scenes posted online from the filming of the new Judge Dredd movie “Dredd” include a shot of Psi-Judge Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), alongside the title character, notably as she appeared in the 2000 AD comics without the standard judge’s helmet and what appears to be a Psi-Judge badge. (Its mostly covered by her arm but its significantly different than Judge Dredd’s badge.)

Psi-Judges were a special section of the the Judges in the Judge Dredd comic published in the 2000 AD comics magazine, individuals with psychic talents such as telepathy, empathy, precognition, etc. Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson was a powerful telepath and also possessed a facility for precognition. She was considered one of the strongest telepaths in the section and was one of the few other judges, including Psi-Judges, that Judge Dredd himself trusted.

Although its unknown what use the character’s psychic powers will be in the storyline, it is still a good sign that she appears in the new movie. At least is should be better than the last attempt.

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