New Year’s Resolution Scorecard — Week 09

I normally do most of the work for the blog on the weekends.

This last weekend was not a normal weekend.

Three events, two dinners, two meetings and a birthday party, plus working on editing a series of recordings for a client. Not much room for anything else. I was able to put together the weekly blog post on Friday because it was a book I just re-read. About the only other thing I was able to do was renew “Incognito” at the library because I wasn’t finished reading it. So annoying but that’s life.

Changes: I have a number of websites and pages open in my browser for eventual posting in the blog. I have decided to change that and mention them in my Twitter feed with the hashtag “#HypKnow” from now on. That saves me having to write something witty about the page while still drawing people’s attention to it.

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