My Weekly Schedule

When I started this blog, I only thought I was going to post every week. That’s changed.

I am now going with the following posting schedule, but only the Sunday will be regular. All of the rest of posts, on each day, are occasional, when I find the time and the material to write about.


Monday is for “Monday Messages” regarding blog status, my status, etc.


Tuesday is “Television Tuesday” about new television programs and episodes worth mentioning.


Wednesday will be my “Quickie Wednesday” where I blog about items that contain only brief mentions of hypnosis or are relatively short entries.


Thursdays will see my “New In Comics For the Week of –/–/–”. Whatever I find relevant in that week’s (as they are usually available every Wednesday) comics will be mentioned here.


Fridays will be “Friday At The Movies With HypnoMedia” about new and applicable movie releases.


Saturday will be “Existential Saturdays”. This is where I will write about just about anything that doesn’t have to do with the Hypnosis in Media collection or hypnosis-related material in general. (This is a shout back to Ellie Blunt and her “Esoteric Saturday” entries in “The Transparent Hypnotist” blog and her gracious request for me to publish articles there under that topic. That was what got me writing about my collection and so is partly responsible for the creation of the blog. Thanks Ellie!)


This will be my regular weekly scheduled post.

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