Missing Persons’ — Legionnaires # 66

Mind Control in the 30th Century: a villainess with mutant abilities that forces men to obey her. (And, apparently, to fight for her as well.)

Legionnaires Vol 1, issue 66: Its a solo mission for Invisible Kid (Lyle Norg) in this issue, as he investigates some illicit influence on the local economy. That influence, literally, is Charma and her pheromone power that allows her to control men. Captured and without the protection of his Legion transsuit (a transparent spacesuit, standard Legion issue) he is completely vulnerable to Charma’s powers.

That is, until a mysterious invisible figure frees Lyle and within the protection of his transsuit, is able to overcome Charma, but not before the readers are shown a good bit of the backstory of Lyle and Mara Grace (Charma) and Jacques Foccart, the second Invisible Kid.

History: This is the second appearance and incarnation of Charma in Legion history. Her first appearance was in conjunction with Grimbor the Chainsman, a deranged engineer and lock expert dedicated to imprisoning the Legion: he used Charma and her psychic hypnotic effect on men to aid his battle but in the end it was that same effect that ultimately caused his downfall. Charma, however, was sent off to a women’s prison, where her hypnotic effect upon women caused her fellow prisoners to hate her and eventually gang up and kill her.

Note: Charma was created by fan-favorites writer Jim Shooter and artist Mike Grell.

Commentary: The Legion of Super-Heroes have a long and complicated history, comprising a number of different titles and varied backstories and histories. Most of the times, they were part of the United Federation of Planets law enforcement, but at least one other time, they were a radical organization devoted to teen rights.

And from Charma’s costume, even though this is the 30th Century, bondage wear like this is still hardly within the limits of fashion. It does, however, serve as a super-villain costume.

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