The Eyes Have It’ (1945)

Donald Duck gets a hypnotism kit in the mail, complete with hypno‐goggles and an instruction book that tells him to “Select a Subject of Low Intelligence”, and so he selects his dog Pluto. Stereotypical hilarity results.

In ‘The Eyes Have It’, Donald Duck uses his newly‐arrived “E.Z Hypnotism” kit to have some hypnotic fun with Pluto, making him believe he’s a mouse, a turtle, a chicken and finally a lion. Its all in fun until Pluto decides to start stalking Donald, and Donald has lost the hypno‐goggles and Pluto has chewed the instruction book to pieces! Its a chase to evade the “lion” that only ends when the two are knocked out, except when Donald wakes up, he still thinks Pluto is a lion and flees, leaving behind a very bemused Pluto.

[youtube jhWtrvcqdIg]

Commentary: All stereotypical, very reminiscent of the time period (1945). Hypno‐goggles, the notion that subjects had to be weak‐willed, plus the cartoon stereotypes of physical hypnotic transformations. You do have to admire the snaredrum / dance effect as the suggestions take hold, though.

The episode is not to be confused with the episodes of the same name in “Charmed” and “Lois & Clark”, neither of which, although given their history of episodes with hypnotic or mind control elements, involve any such things, alas.

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