The Eyes Have It’ (1945)

Donald Duck gets a hypnotism kit in the mail, complete with hypno-goggles and an instruction book that tells him to “Select a Subject of Low Intelligence”, and so he selects his dog Pluto. Stereotypical hilarity results.

In ‘The Eyes Have It’, Donald Duck uses his newly-arrived “E.Z Hypnotism” kit to have some hypnotic fun with Pluto, making him believe he’s a mouse, a turtle, a chicken and finally a lion. Its all in fun until Pluto decides to start stalking Donald, and Donald has lost the hypno-goggles and Pluto has chewed the instruction book to pieces! Its a chase to evade the “lion” that only ends when the two are knocked out, except when Donald wakes up, he still thinks Pluto is a lion and flees, leaving behind a very bemused Pluto.

Commentary: All stereotypical, very reminiscent of the time period (1945). Hypno-goggles, the notion that subjects had to be weak-willed, plus the cartoon stereotypes of physical hypnotic transformations. You do have to admire the snaredrum / dance effect as the suggestions take hold, though.

The episode is not to be confused with the episodes of the same name in “Charmed” and “Lois & Clark”, neither of which, although given their history of episodes with hypnotic or mind control elements, involve any such things, alas.

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