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Welcome to the Hypnosis in Media blog!

I have long wondered what I was going to do with the Hypnosis in Media website, since the Wiki was taking too much effort to maintain as I envisioned it. But about a month ago I decided to do something entirely different with it.

Therefore, starting next week and (hopefully) every week thereafter, I will be selecting one item from the Hypnosis in Media collection and blogging about it. Given the number of items in the collection, I estimate that it will take roughly four or five years for me to get through them all, assuming I don’t add anything to the collection during that time. And, when the situation arises, I will blog  about media hypnosis items and events as they occur. 

As for the Wiki, I plan on restoring it and using it primarily to hold fiction and nonfiction entries that are no longer covered by copyright. That’s the next big project. 

So, next week: I will be writing about one of the earliest hypnosis-related pieces of fiction I remember discovering. 

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