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The Harvest of Time” by Alastair Reynolds (2013) — Doctor Who


Mysterious events involving disappearing oil rigs and a secret Defense Ministry project attract UNIT’s attention, especially when the Master’s involvement becomes apparent. The Master is being used as a consultant by a Ministry of Defense communications project but in reality he is using them to broadcast a tachyon rescue signal to his past and future selves. However, the rapacious alien race of the Sild intercept the signal and use it to pluck various incarnations of the Master out of time, starting to erase him from existence. Then the alien invasion begins, whose object is to capture the Master himself as the Master Stroke of their Master Plan of creating the Master Computer, built of all the incarnations of the Master they were collecting. 1 They don’t find him, thanks to the interference of the Doctor who came to rescue him, which only leads to the aliens capturing him anyway in the far-flung future. But that is exactly what the Master wants, because the Master is in control of the computer, not the Sild, as they discover.

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Doctor Who Novels Reviewed

Over the past month, I read three Doctor Who novels.

Three Doctor Who novels, selected at random at the library without even checking the contents.

Three Doctor Who novels which all had elements of mind control. Even with the propensity for mind control in the early Doctor Who episodes, this can hardly be coincidental, can it?

Two Doctor Who novels with the Master. That’s a little more believable as those two novels featured the Third Doctor. Still, I didn’t know that about one of these two before I selected it.

So: three Doctor Who novels with mind control elements. Three reviews in the next three weeks. Watch for them.

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