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“The Harvest of Time” by Alastair Reynolds (2013) — Doctor Who


Mys­te­ri­ous events involv­ing dis­ap­pear­ing oil rigs and a secret Defense Min­istry project attract UNIT’s atten­tion, espe­cial­ly when the Master’s involve­ment becomes appar­ent. The Mas­ter is being used as a con­sul­tant by a Min­istry of Defense com­mu­ni­ca­tions project but in real­i­ty he is using them to broad­cast a tachy­on res­cue sig­nal to his past and future selves. How­ev­er, the rapa­cious alien race of the Sild inter­cept the sig­nal and use it to pluck var­i­ous incar­na­tions of the Mas­ter out of time, start­ing to erase him from exis­tence. Then the alien inva­sion begins, whose object is to cap­ture the Mas­ter him­self as the Mas­ter Stroke of their Mas­ter Plan of cre­at­ing the Mas­ter Com­put­er, built of all the incar­na­tions of the Mas­ter they were col­lect­ing. 1 They don’t find him, thanks to the inter­fer­ence of the Doc­tor who came to res­cue him, which only leads to the aliens cap­tur­ing him any­way in the far-flung future. But that is exact­ly what the Mas­ter wants, because the Mas­ter is in con­trol of the com­put­er, not the Sild, as they discover.

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Doctor Who Novels Reviewed

Over the past month, I read three Doc­tor Who novels.

Three Doc­tor Who nov­els, select­ed at ran­dom at the library with­out even check­ing the contents.

Three Doc­tor Who nov­els which all had ele­ments of mind con­trol. Even with the propen­si­ty for mind con­trol in the ear­ly Doc­tor Who episodes, this can hard­ly be coin­ci­den­tal, can it?

Two Doc­tor Who nov­els with the Mas­ter. That’s a lit­tle more believ­able as those two nov­els fea­tured the Third Doc­tor. Still, I didn’t know that about one of these two before I select­ed it.

So: three Doc­tor Who nov­els with mind con­trol ele­ments. Three reviews in the next three weeks. Watch for them.

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