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Enchantment and Illusionism

“Enchantment: Fire in the Mind” and “Illusionism: Smoke and Mir­rors” by Mon­goose Pub­lish­ing. Two “Encyclopedia: Arcane” sup­ple­ments for the 3rd Edi­tion of Dun­geon & Drag­ons for their respec­tive schools of wizardry.

These books were writ­ten to aug­ment D&D with addi­tion­al spells, mag­ic items, feats and pres­tige class­es. This was pos­si­ble because of the Open Gam­ing and D20 Licens­es for 3rd edi­tion D&D by Wiz­ards of the Coast in the ear­ly 2000’s.

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