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“Hip Knox — The Super Hypnotist”

It just goes to show that there’s always some­thing else to dis­cov­er out there, even when deal­ing with such a nar­row field of inter­est as the cross-over between hyp­no­sis and media. As a major super­hero com­ic fan and being some­what knowl­edge­able about their his­to­ry, I thought I knew of most every super­heroic hyp­no­tist but there is one that I learned about only recently.

That super­hero is “Hip Knox — The Super Hyp­no­tist”. Hip Knox appeared in Super­world Comics #1–3, along with his bit­ter rival, a thug­gish crim­i­nal named McFadden.

But there’s a sto­ry behind the com­ic and the hero.

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