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Hypno-Girl — Atomic Rocket Comics

Atomic Rocket Comics (“Italy’s Most Mysterious Comics Publisher”) is an Italian comics publisher who has a website featuring a number of comic heroes, so mysterious that is doesn’t have any actual published material (those pages are listed as “Work In Progress”).  The characters all seem to draw from 50’s and 60’s era European comics, which were heavily influenced by the 30’s pulps, featuring characters such as Paper Man, Shadow Boy, Shrunken Boy and Shrunken Girl, Iron Mask (“The Bounty Hunter From Outer Space”) and the one of particular interest, Hypno Girl. As with their predecessors, these characters primarily have either no superpowers or just one superpower. They are also drawn in the style from the previous periods. (Although I have to admit that I think the picture of Doctor Actom on page 13 of the online magazine looks like an action figure as opposed to artwork.)

I was originally drawn to the website through the following  promotional video for Hypno Girl.

The video itself, as can be seen, is pretty stereotypical, although I do like the the spiral special effects and the “eye in the pyramid” pendant with its potential connections to occult organizations. The newsreel look of the video compliments the 30’s pulp feeling. The 60’s “mod” look with the white hairstyle, black ensemble and black&white checked spiral glasses is also a nice touch.

The only information about Hypno Girl other than the video is contained on page 8 on the online magazine. Unfortunately, its all in Italian, but it is also a part of a Flash presentation so its entirely graphic in nature and its very hard to read, too. Unfortunately my limited Spanish vocabulary doesn’t help in trying to figure out a divergent Romance language in this case.

Universo — “The Legion of Super-Heroes” Part 1

The foes of the legendary Legion of Super-Heroes are themselves indeed legion and legendary: beings like the enigmatic Time Trapper and the monstrous master computer Computo, the dark magician Mordru and even the infamous Darkseid; groups like the Fatal Five, the Dark Circle and the Legion of Super-Villains; whole races like the Dominators, the Khunds and the Controllers. Most have had their fleeting victories, their rare moments of triumph before the Legion defeated them.

Yet there is one opponent who can claim to have achieved his goal of world domination against the opposition of the Legion, not simply once but twice, and both times for extended periods, to the point the Legion was forced to battle him as underdogs, something no other opponent of the Legion throughout its long history and many revisions has achieved.

That opponent is the malevolent hypnotist (or telepath) Universo.

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Zipping Along’ (1953)

In the Coyote’s ever-present quest to catch the Road Runner, he resorts to hypnosis! Of course, the fail here is quite epic.

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The Eyes Have It’ (1945)

Donald Duck gets a hypnotism kit in the mail, complete with hypno-goggles and an instruction book that tells him to “Select a Subject of Low Intelligence”, and so he selects his dog Pluto. Stereotypical hilarity results.

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Reply Box No 666’ — “The Champions”


Craig Sterling, Sharron Macready and Richard Barrett These are the Champions. 

Endowed with the qualities and skills of superhumans — qualities and skills, both physical and mental, to the peak of human performance. Gifts given to them by an unknown race of people, when their ‘plane crashed near a lost civilisation in Tibet. Now, with their secrets known only to them, they are able to use their fantastic powers to their best advantage as the Champions of law, order and justice. Operators of the international agency, Nemesis!”

The Champions” was a British television (ITC) production, starring three individuals, Craig Stirling (Stuart Damon), Sharron Macready (Alexandra Bastedo) and Richard Barrett (William Gaunt), all of whom work for a NATO law enforcement organization named Nemesis (this being the Cold War era) and its head, Tremayne (Anthony Nicholls). who was not aware of the peculiar abilities of his three best agents. On their first mission in Communist China, their plane was shot down over Tibet, where they were rescued by members of an advanced, hidden civilization and returned to full health and beyond. Their treatment gave them extraordinary physical and mental abilities: enhanced senses, strength and reflexes, superior intellect, a limited precognitive ability and a psychic link between them, among other things they were then unaware of.

Some of the episodes involved elements of hypnosis and mind control, but episode ‘Reply Box No 666’ stands out because of the hypnosis scene involving Macready as the seductive (appropriately enough, as she did seduce her subject back to her room prior to the induction) hypnotist. ⇒ Continue reading “Reply Box No 666’ — “The Champions””

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