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Eve the Illusionist’ — “Red Dragon Inn” (Slugfest Games)

You are among a party of hard-working and hard-playing adventurers. Your party just got back from a hard adventure delving into ruins, fighting filthy creatures and finding lots of gold. You all got back to civilization, and, after getting your armor and weapons fixed, replenishing your supplies and paying off any old debts, its now time to party.

Well, at least that’s the intent, and that’s the theme of the game “Red Dragon Inn” by Slugfest Games. In it, players select one of the adventurers and attempt to drink the other characters under the table or manage to ‘acquire’ their gold during their stay in the public room of the Red Dragon Inn. Naturally, the other characters are trying to do the same thing. The cliché character types include such characters as Fiona the Volatile, Dierdre the Priestess, Zot the Wizard (with Pooky, his psychotic rabbit familiar), Gerki the Sneak and Dimli the Dwarf. But the one that caught my attention was Eve the Illusionist and one of the cards that the player can use during play.

Eve defies description, mostly because no one knows exactly what she really looks like without her illusions. Her powers have saved her fellow adventurers countless times from extremely gullible monsters.

The Good: Eve is a very skilled Illusionist.

The Bad: She’s been known to use her skills on her fellow party members when she gets bored.

Sounds like my kind of character.

And the particular card? It is this:

Eve the Illusionist is one of the characters in the first expansion set (which has been updated, as the original character set was underpowered) to the original game, which now also has a second expansion set. Its a fast and fun game that takes several amusing liberties with the whole dungeoneering trope and for that reason alone I plan on getting copies of all three at some time.

Enchantress — Diablo III

The “Diablo III game is one of the most anticipated computer games of the recent past. Fifteen years after the original game, and later, its eventual sequel, Diablo III is now in the hands of eager gamers across the world.

And one of the things they will find in this edition of the game is the availability of followers: henchmen, so to speak, and one of them is an enchantress named Eirena. An enchantress that is fully capable of hypnotic magic.

Eirena’s bewitching spells mean doom for your foes – she can force them into a dreamlike trance or turn them against one another, rendering them easier to kill.

Eirena offers ranged support, largely spells … to disorient her enemies and protect her allies. Her illusionary magic doesn’t deal a tremendous amount of damage; instead, it focuses on twisting and warping the minds of others.

Moreover, her magical equipment carries over the hypnotic imagery

Eirena’s unique equipment – enchantment focuses associated with scrying and hypnotism, like eyes and mirrors – recalls the ancient mysticism of her order, providing her with potent increases to her abilities.

While I played Diablo and Diablo II, I am now firmly ensconced in playing GuildWars where I can actually play a character profession that casts hypnotic magic (and also have one as a follower.) However, I may give Diablo III a second look.

More information on the Enchantress and the game of Diablo III in general can be found here.

Dungeons & Dragons” — The Hypnotic Side

When Dave Arneson showed Gary Gygax the new game he and his friends were playing, it probably didn’t occurr to either that they were on the brink of creating not only a new game but an entirely new type of game, resulting in a revolutionary new gaming industry.

Dave Arneson took the traditional miniature game, where miniatures represented groups of individuals and started using them to represent individuals. He also added the elements of character classes and experience levels, allowing for character specialization and growith. This was a revolution, in that players could project themselves into the character, developing them over time and play. Since both he and Gary Gygax were avid minature ship game players, he shjowed Gary his game and together they created Dungeons & Dragons.

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The “Lensman” Series by ‘Doc’ E E Smith

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[amtap book:isbn=0739402625]

Description: The “Lensman” series by ‘Doc’ E E Smith is one of the classics of the pulp era of science fiction. A battle between Impossible opposites, with whole civilizations as pawns and counters in the game. There are battles in space between fleets so large they dwarf whole solar systems, weapons so immense as to stagger the imagination, and criminal conspiracies that covered galaxies.

Yet at the center of the series was the battle between the supportive mental giants of the planet Arisia and the conquering Eddorians from another universe. The Arisians find the Eddorians too tough to take on themselves, but find their relentless philosophy of conquest unpalatible, and resolve to oppose them. To that end, the Arisians began a slow, millions of years long project to produce the mental power needed to finally eliminate the Eddorians.That tale, told in various stages, makes up the story line.

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Warriors of Illusion”

History: The name ‘Jack Kirby’ is be one that every comics fan should immediately recognize: the artist behind the creation of some of the most recognizable comics characters ever, such as Captain America, the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, the Uncanny X‑Men., as well as drawing just about every major comics character in existence for just about every comics company around. He was called Jack “The King” Kirby and “The King of Comics“1 and deserved ever accolade given him.

But there was a time when he wasn’t working in the comics industry. Disaffected with both Marvel and DC, he went to Hollywood and worked for the Ruby-Spears animation company, where he helped create the visuals for such animated series as “Thundarr the Barbarian” 2 and “Mister T” 3. But that wasn’t all he did: he created a large set of preliminary artwork for a number of other characters and groups which have not seen the light of day until recently.

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