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Hypnotized’ by Shanadoo

Hypnotized’ by European J‑rock band Shanadoo incorporates a number of hypnotic images, especially spirals (sometimes in the eyes of the singers.) It also uses a number of English words, including “hypnotized” in the lyrics.

History: ‘Hypnotized’ was the group’s first original hit, even though its actual performance on the pop charts was less than expected: before this, they covered tracks from the German dance band E‑Rotic. Despite their Japanese origins they are a German and Japanese act, all of which makes the use of the English word “hypnotized” that much more interesting.

Commentary: It would be nice to know what they are singing about, but unfortunately I have not been able to find an English translation for the Japanese lyrics.


  • In this video, each of the singers are wearing the stereotypical Japanese school uniform look of white shirt, tie, skirt, high white socks and black shoes which is considered a fetish costume in Japan.

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