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Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone” by Ian McDonald

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As a brilliant graphic arts student, Ethan Ring stumbled on a secret so awesome that its existence could not remain hidden. The computer-generated images he helped create contained infinite powers: the power to heal, erase memories, bring ecstasy. kill savagely. Locked into a devil’s bargain with the monolithic European government, Ethan now sees his one change to escape the dark forces of destruction that have enslaved his soul. He will brave the treacherous terrain, the lawless bands of akira, and the power-armored security forces to undertake a thousand-mile pilgrimage. But the danger Ethan fears most comes from within. It is the seductive lure of his own gift, a power whose cost may be his own damnation.

Primal mandalas, pried loose from the deepest parts of the brain, capable of affecting anyone who sees them. One causes religious ecstasy. One engenders healing. One causes mental blind spots and another mental blankness. One erases memories.

One causes obedience in whoever sees it.

And one kills.

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