30 Days of Hypnosis: Day 23

Have you ever had difficulty going into a trance/hypnotizing someone? What happened?

Have you ever had difficulty going into a trance? What happened?

For the longest time I had a very poor opinion of how I was reacting while hypnotized. On some emotional level that I intellectually knew was wrong, I was certain it was only a shallow trance, I wasn’t deep enough, mainly because of the emotional expectation that I didn’t feel that I was that deep. It took some consideration to make me realize that, primarily, levels of trance depth were a measurement that didn’t seem to be really practical in application, at least in my situation. Instead, I realized it was levels of acceptance and comfort instead of depth that made sense to me.

That was demonstrated to me when I volunteered as part of a demonstration on hypnosis. The demonstration was a suggestion for situational amnesia, where I and another volunteer would experience temporary amnesia when asked simple questions. We both responded perfectly, but made it all come together for me was that both of us were given slightly different suggestions, and I was surprised that I responded to the suggestion I was given without realizing the difference. (Basically, the other volunteer only responded with amnesia when questioned by one particular person while would respond with amnesia when questioned by anyone.)

Have you ever had trouble hypnotizing someone? What happened?

I mentioned earlier that I have had some training, and part of that was practical experience in trance induction. I wasn’t exactly bad but given my history and knowledge about the subject, I would have expected to do much better.

Was it nervousness? Certainly given that I am sometimes a very private person and trying to hypnotize someone I only sat near in the classroom didn’t help. However, if I have the opportunity for some practice time again, I would certainly take advantage of it, especially if there was someone there whom I trusted to act as a mentor or instructor. The best way to get around that nervousness is practice and experience.

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