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Reply Box No 666’ — “The Champions”


Craig Sterling, Sharron Macready and Richard Barrett These are the Champions. 

Endowed with the qualities and skills of superhumans — qualities and skills, both physical and mental, to the peak of human performance. Gifts given to them by an unknown race of people, when their ‘plane crashed near a lost civilisation in Tibet. Now, with their secrets known only to them, they are able to use their fantastic powers to their best advantage as the Champions of law, order and justice. Operators of the international agency, Nemesis!”

The Champions” was a British television (ITC) production, starring three individuals, Craig Stirling (Stuart Damon), Sharron Macready (Alexandra Bastedo) and Richard Barrett (William Gaunt), all of whom work for a NATO law enforcement organization named Nemesis (this being the Cold War era) and its head, Tremayne (Anthony Nicholls). who was not aware of the peculiar abilities of his three best agents. On their first mission in Communist China, their plane was shot down over Tibet, where they were rescued by members of an advanced, hidden civilization and returned to full health and beyond. Their treatment gave them extraordinary physical and mental abilities: enhanced senses, strength and reflexes, superior intellect, a limited precognitive ability and a psychic link between them, among other things they were then unaware of.

Some of the episodes involved elements of hypnosis and mind control, but episode ‘Reply Box No 666’ stands out because of the hypnosis scene involving Macready as the seductive (appropriately enough, as she did seduce her subject back to her room prior to the induction) hypnotist. ⇒ Continue reading “Reply Box No 666’ — “The Champions””

Class 1–7 Soutarou Kanou’ — “Maid Sama!”

In “Maid Sama!” (“Kaichō wa Maid-sama!” or “The President is a Maid!) student class president Misaki Ayuzawa is the first female class president of Seika High School, quite an achievement as the school used to be male-only but was recently converted to a co-ed school. An exceptional student and athlete, she is determined to reform the boys of the school, who are still unaccustomed to the new girl students, and make the school a better place for both sexes.

In episodes #14–15, ‘Class 1–7 Soutarou Kanou’ and ‘School Visitation Association & A Glasses Rabbit’, Misaki is hard at work getting the student council to help plan and coördinate a successful open house. However, freshman student Soutarou Kanou, who is extremely withdrawn and even terrified and hateful of girls, wants to sabotage Misaki and the open house, and the best way he knows is through hypnosis.

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Enchantress — Diablo III

The “Diablo III game is one of the most anticipated computer games of the recent past. Fifteen years after the original game, and later, its eventual sequel, Diablo III is now in the hands of eager gamers across the world.

And one of the things they will find in this edition of the game is the availability of followers: henchmen, so to speak, and one of them is an enchantress named Eirena. An enchantress that is fully capable of hypnotic magic.

Eirena’s bewitching spells mean doom for your foes – she can force them into a dreamlike trance or turn them against one another, rendering them easier to kill.

Eirena offers ranged support, largely spells … to disorient her enemies and protect her allies. Her illusionary magic doesn’t deal a tremendous amount of damage; instead, it focuses on twisting and warping the minds of others.

Moreover, her magical equipment carries over the hypnotic imagery

Eirena’s unique equipment – enchantment focuses associated with scrying and hypnotism, like eyes and mirrors – recalls the ancient mysticism of her order, providing her with potent increases to her abilities.

While I played Diablo and Diablo II, I am now firmly ensconced in playing GuildWars where I can actually play a character profession that casts hypnotic magic (and also have one as a follower.) However, I may give Diablo III a second look.

More information on the Enchantress and the game of Diablo III in general can be found here.

Missing Persons’ — Legionnaires # 66

Mind Control in the 30th Century: a villainess with mutant abilities that forces men to obey her. (And, apparently, to fight for her as well.)

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Happy (Belated) Birthday — Pat Collins

A happy but belated birthday in the memory of the late Pat Collins, who was born May 7th. Pat was one of the most famous stage hypnotists of her time and appeared on several TV programs (including a “What’s My Line?” appearance before she was famous) and had two cable specials. She was also known for helping others with hypnosis, including several major television and film stars of her period.

According to the Facebook page here, the founder of the page is producing a documentary about Pat Collins and I for one am looking forward to seeing it.

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