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30 Days of Hypnosis: Day 29

Do you have any close hypno-enthusiast friends that you’ve met on the Internet?  How did you become friends?

I was for­tu­nate to meet many fel­low hyp­no­sis enthu­si­asts through the Inter­net, and then through in-per­son meet­ings at var­i­ous events over the past decade or so, and count sev­er­al of them as close per­son­al friends. We became friends through our shared inter­ests, includ­ing but not sole­ly lim­it­ed to our inter­est in hyp­no­sis, but also our shared inter­ests in sci­ence fic­tion and fan­ta­sy, includ­ing Doc­tor Who (quite a major­i­ty of them, amaz­ing­ly), com­ic books, and gen­er­al­ly geekery.

Of course, I knew some even before the Inter­net days, through sci­ence fic­tion fan­dom and the Usenet era, but it was only over the past sev­er­al years that I met most of them, and count myself for­tu­nate for doing so and for the oppor­tu­ni­ties for doing so.

30 Days of Hypnosis: Day 28

What are your thoughts on asshole hypnotists who prey on the vulnerable?

He’s noth­ing but a low-down, back-stab­bing, lar­ce­nous, per­vert­ed worm… Hang­ing’s too good for him… Burn­ing’s too good for him… He should be sliced into tiny lit­tle pieces and buried alive… (“Heavy Met­al”‘Cap­tain Stern’)

Does that answer the question?

I take a very dim view of any­one who preys upon oth­ers, and par­tic­u­lar­ly any­one who abus­es the trust oth­ers place in them. This is par­tic­u­lar­ly true for any­one who abus­es the trust giv­en them by their sub­ject in allow­ing the hyp­no­tist to hyp­no­tize them. Giv­en the oppor­tu­ni­ty, I would do any­thing in my pow­er to aid any­one so abused.

30 Days of Hypnosis: Day 27

What was your worst experience with hypnosis?

At this time, I would say that I am for­tu­nate not to have any seri­ous­ly bad expe­ri­ences with hyp­no­sis. The inci­dent I described in the first entry in this list does not count, main­ly because I don’t con­sid­er it in any way neg­a­tive: slight­ly dis­turb­ing at the time, yes, and since inter­est­ing, ever since, but not bad.

30 Days of Hypnosis: Day 26

Is there a certain trigger you prefer more than others?

I admit to being old school here, but my pref­er­ence is for the clas­sic “sleep!” trig­ger, with or with­out a cor­re­spond­ing fin­ger snap. Oth­er trig­gers that appear high on my list would include the com­mand to “Look into my eyes” and being shown a spi­ral disk.

30 Days of Hypnosis: Day 25

Do you find that there are certain words or phrases (not triggers) that send you deeper into trance?

I find that using the word “sleep” and relat­ed ref­er­ences such as “feel­ing sleepy” have a cer­tain hyp­not­ic effect on me. (Yes, how stereo­typ­i­cal.) It must be con­nect­ed to my ear­li­est inter­est in hyp­no­sis, when trance states and sleep were accept­ed to be con­nect­ed, at least (and yet today) in pop­u­lar thought.

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