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The “Lensman” Series by ‘Doc’ E E Smith

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Descrip­tion: The “Lens­man” series by ‘Doc’ E E Smith is one of the clas­sics of the pulp era of sci­ence fic­tion. A bat­tle between Impos­si­ble oppo­sites, with whole civ­i­liza­tions as pawns and coun­ters in the game. There are bat­tles in space between fleets so large they dwarf whole solar sys­tems, weapons so immense as to stag­ger the imag­i­na­tion, and crim­i­nal con­spir­a­cies that cov­ered galaxies.

Yet at the cen­ter of the series was the bat­tle between the sup­port­ive men­tal giants of the plan­et Arisia and the con­quer­ing Eddo­ri­ans from anoth­er uni­verse. The Arisians find the Eddo­ri­ans too tough to take on them­selves, but find their relent­less phi­los­o­phy of con­quest unpalat­i­ble, and resolve to oppose them. To that end, the Arisians began a slow, mil­lions of years long project to pro­duce the men­tal pow­er need­ed to final­ly elim­i­nate the Eddorians.That tale, told in var­i­ous stages, makes up the sto­ry line.

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“The Hypnotist” by Jack Kahler (1966)

John Mered­ith Swift was only 14 years old and he was quite impressed by the hyp­no­tist he’d seen. It was­n’t sur­pris­ing that he tried to imi­tate the man, but, as he dis­cov­ered with young Nan­cy next door, he had to give his voice time to mature a little.

He nev­er lost his fas­ci­na­tion for the art, how­ev­er, and much lat­er … in his last year at col­lege, he had the oppor­tu­ni­ty for an inter­est­ing exper­i­ment. One which caused a young vir­gin to turn up preg­nant, almost cost­ing her life and san­i­ty … and John’s as well …

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“More Favorite Stories of Hypnotism” — Suggestions?

“Favorite Sto­ries of Hyp­no­tism” is a clas­sic col­lec­tion of, of course, sto­ries that involve hyp­no­tism. How­ev­er, that book was pub­lished in 1965 and was dat­ed even then. I think it would be inter­est­ing to try to put the sequel togeth­er. But what would be included?

I would start with the fol­low­ing: about every one of these I list­ed below are either SF or fan­ta­sy, but, as in the orig­i­nal col­lec­tion, they do not have to be so lim­it­ed. Even though some of the SF sto­ries are mys­ter­ies, too, I would like some reg­u­lar mys­tery sto­ries, as well, maybe even a romance sto­ry, too, just to cov­er the range.

  • ‘Cri­sis: 1999’ by Fredric Brown — Police dis­cov­er a strange phe­nom­e­non: crim­i­nals are get­ting few­er in num­ber and they can’t fig­ture out why.
  • ‘Day­mare’ by Fredric Brown — An inves­ti­ga­tor dis­cov­ers a mind con­troller quick­ly mov­ing up the in polti­cal world, tak­ing com­plete con­trol as he goes.
  • ‘Eight O’Clock in the Morn­ing’ by Ray Nelson
  • ‘The Key to the Tem­ple of Heav­en’ by Sax Rohmer — One of Sax Rohmer’s Madame de Medici sto­ries. Madame de Medici was one of Rohmer’s stock hyp­not­i­cal­ly seduc­tive women who used her hyp­not­ic wiles and pow­ers to influ­ence men into doing her bid­ding. I also feel that Sax Rohmer should be rep­re­sent­ed here and the rest of his writ­ing is nov­el length and too long for the col­lec­tion. I am includ­ing this one because I have not been able to find a copy of any of the oth­er de Medici stories.
  • ‘Look­ing for Some­thing’ by Frank Herbert
  • ‘Mes­mer­i­ca’ by Eric Frank Rus­sell — Explor­ers on an alien world see things dif­fer­ent­ly as they are men­tal­ly influ­enced by the alien ecology
  • ‘Mis­sion: Hyp­no­sis’ by Har­lan Elli­son — A spy is hyp­no­tized to aid his covert activity.
  • ‘Poor Super­man’ by Fritz Leiber — A mind con­troller gets his comeuppance.
  • ‘Rogue Psi’ by James Schmitz — Tele­path­ic hyp­no­sis, by one of the mas­ters of sto­ries with telepa­thy and tele­path­ic mind con­trol themes. Here a mas­ter psy­chic has been sti­fling the space pro­gram because it would allow peo­ple to escape his world-wide control.
  • ‘The Ser­vant Prob­lem’ by William Tenn — In a future soci­ety, who is con­trol­ling whom?
  • ‘The Telzey Toy’ by James Schmitz — I should also include a Schmitz sto­ry involv­ing Telzey Amberdon.

Any fur­ther suggestions?

Pat Collins — More Pictures

I dis­cov­ered a cou­ple of images of stage hyp­no­tist Pat Collins that I want to pass along here.

The first (above) is a pub­lic­i­ty pho­to of Pat Collins: you can see her sig­na­ture on the right.

The sec­ond (above) is a shot from her appear­ance on “What’s My Line?” before she became the sen­sa­tion she was. She appeared on the pro­gram on May 7, 1961, Sea­son 12 Episode 36 EPISODE #563, as a con­tes­tant. How­ev­er, I have not been able to deter­mine whether she stumped the pan­el or not.


“The Hypnotic Eye” (1960) — Part II — The Images

Sev­er­al years ago, I start­ed col­lect­ing any­thing I could find regard­ing the movie “The Hyp­not­ic Eye”. I was suf­fi­cient­ly intrigued about the movie that I want­ed to know every­thing about it, and one way was to get as much para­pher­na­lia about it togeth­er that I could.

I would even­tu­al­ly col­lect two of the pub­lic­i­ty pack­ages, con­sist­ing of news­pa­per arti­cles, infor­ma­tion and ads, one each for both US and British release, which were print­ed on very flim­sy newsprint and so were dif­fi­cult to sur­vive. I also have what I think is a com­plete col­lec­tion of the pub­lic­i­ty stills released for the movie, many com­plete with the descrip­tive text attached to the back. But the biggest addi­tion to the col­lec­tion was a diskette I received from Gil Boyne which con­tained a num­ber of pho­to­graph­ic stills tak­en from when he was on the set of the movie. Many of these images were nev­er used in any pro­mo­tions and most were in col­or, where­as the pub­lic­i­ty stills were all black&white.

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