Eerie Cuties”

One of the webcomics I follow regularly is named “Eerie Cuties”. It doesn’t have anything to do with hypnosis or anything similar, but it is a very fun read with a number of engaging and amusing characters and situations and I highly recommend it.

The webcomic “Eerie Cuties” is about a group of girls who attend an exclusive high school, Charybdis Heights HS. The reason its exclusive is they’re all some form of supernatural being in human form. The cast includes sisters Layla and Nina Delacroix (vampires), Chloe Love (succubus), Brooke Lynn (serpentine) and the other students and teachers of the school.

And just because they’re supernatural doesn’t mean they don’t have more human problems: Chloe, for instance, has self-image issues (she thinks her breasts are too large and thinks she’s a failure as a succubus), Nina has an unrequited crush on Ace (a werewolf) whom she calls “Puppy!” (until he is cursed and transformed into a girl and still she calls her “Puppy!”) while she doesn’t like blood (of all the days for a vampire to be born on, she was born on Easter and much prefers chocolate) and Brooke is a vegetarian. All Layla has to do is put up with her excitable younger sister, a totally human problem.

But those aren’t just the troubles they encounter: those combine supernatural conundrums with everyday crises and conflate mystical curses and mundane crushes. Life at Charybdis Heights is not for the faint of heart or mystically defenseless.

The artwork is fun and matches the characters well: Chloe (the strawberry blonde in the banner above) is a real cutie, with freckles and big round glasses and cute little horns. And lips! One of the reasons I find the artwork appealing is that some of the characters actually have lips! Not just a simple slash of a line for a mouth, but full lips. Its especially nice during the current sleep-over storyline where the first thing everyone does is a make-over. (And Layla and Nina’s mother is a hottie, too.)

Recommendation: Go check it out. The link is at the banner ad above. 

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