The Hyundai Superbowl Ads

The uniquely American spectacle that is the Superbowl has for decades attracted the most cutting-edge, the most interesting and sometimes the most innane television advertisements ever shown. (The Apple Computer “1984” ad, for instance.) This year was no difference, but for the first time in many years (if ever) the ads this year included two with prominent and blatant hypnotic imagery.

The first consists of a series of hypnotic images that one sees constantly while on the road: spinning wheels, flashing wiper blades, blinking lights and endless repetitive images that all are associated with the phenomenon known as “Highway Hypnosis”. But here the message is that people are hypnotized into believing that the type of automobile being advertised can only be ordinary with the associated message to wake up from that trance.

The second is more blatant about the hypnosis, actually performing an induction on the viewer with the counter-purpose of de-hypnotizing the viewer regarding mis-conceptions regarding the make and model of the auto being advertised.

Commentary: Amusing. Certainly amusing, even though they are both not only stereotypical but they also reinforce the stereotypes. Still, probably no real harm done: its not as if they’re really to taken seriously.

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