A Super-Trekking Cross-Over Event

IDW Publications, publishers of a number of SF properties including Doctor Who and Ghostbusters, announced at the San Diego Comic Convention a comic series that combines the première SF series Star Trek and one of the longest-running and fan favorite comic series, The Legion of Super-Heroes. This is not their first such event: earlier this year, there was a massive crossover story that affected (or should I say ‘infected’) every title of their current line with a zombie plague, but this is the first that involves properties from another company.

STAR TREK/LEGION OF SUPERHEROES tells the tale of the original crew of the Starship Enterprise, who beam down to a planet only to discover that the planet isn’t their intended destination, or even in the right universe. At the same time, a group of “Great Darkness Saga” Legionnaires inside a time sphere find themselves cast into the 23rd century, but it’s not the 23rd century as they know it, either. STAR TREK/LEGION OF SUPERHEROES is a galaxy-spanning adventure that draws both teams together to face a menace that includes Khunds, Klingons, Borg, and other threats that aren’t quite as they should be. The egalitarian United Planets in one universe and a United Federation of Planets in another is now the Imperial Planets of Terra, a dark empire focused on war and conquest, and that’s just the beginning for this special series.

According to this interview with the writer Chris Robertson (who is a major Star Trek and Legion fan), the series will combine the original Star Trek series crew (Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Sulu, Uruhu, Chekov and Bones) and the major powers of the Legion (Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, Brainiac 5, Shadow Lass and Chameleon Boy). The numbers are limited, he says, because there are only 6 transporter pads on a Constitution-class starship.

The talent involved is impressive:

Weaving these disparate universes and characters into a dark, foreboding and mysterious saga is Eisner-nominated writer Chris Roberson (iZombie, Superman), with art by Jeffrey and Philip Moy, both of whom have tackled the Legion and Star Trek in other forms. Phil Jimenez, will provide covers for the entire series, while each issue will also feature variant covers from classic Legion of Superheroes artists such as Keith Giffen, Steve Lightle, and Mike Grell, as well as IDW mainstay and Best Artist Eisner-nominee Gabriel Rodriguez (Locke & Key) and others.

And why do I think this is significant? Other than being a very big Legion and Star Trek fan, I love cross-over stories, especially of such differing universes. The egalitarian Legion will have to work with the military crew of the Enterprise, who are not to be out-awed by the display of super-powers, as they have faced down gods and demons themselves. Also, the talents invovled here are pretty impressive: I am so looking forward to seeing what Mike Grell has to contribute.

The series is scheduled to start in October, 2011.

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