The Century Mark

According to the count, this should be the 119th post of the blog, which I am using to celebrate my 100th post.

You see, not all of those 118 previous posts had something really to do with the whole Hypnosis in Media collection, so I wasn’t counting them. Except maybe for the ones that kind of cross over into the collection, which made trying to figure out which exactly of the posts was the century mark difficult, so I made the decision that the last post would be the century mark, no matter what.

That’s a pretty decent amount, given that I started blogging just under a year ago. That’s more than two posts about the collection alone per week, let alone the almost double dozen ones that weren’t. I’d say it was a pretty good run.

So far.

And I’m not stopping.

I’ve only started on the collection: there are a book and a magazine beside the computer waiting to be read for upcoming posts, plus another book someplace else in the house, plus a post I’m working on about what I got last weekend, and the start of a series of interesting posts, not to mention at least 9 posts already finished in case I don’t have anything for my regular schedule. And there are still a lot more in the bookcase next door and the video / DVD collection to work on.

So stay tuned: this ride is only just started.

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