No Post This Week

Eye strain (caused by broken glasses) combined with muscle tension headache (work related plus maybe caffeine withdrawal symptoms) means reduced computer time for a while until I recover.

In the mean time, here are a few of the many advertisements for hypnosis books and materials I’ve collected over the years. Each one dates from the mid-50’s through the mid-60’s, the heyday of such advertisements in magazines and comic books. Note that they all involve hypnotizing a a lovely young lady as part of the advertising about the power of hypnosis.

The last one here appears to be an ad for Konrad Leitner’s book: at least, the picture looks like Leitner, and his book was available around that same time.

3 Responses to “No Post This Week”

  • Michael J. says:

    So a post about there being no post this week?


    • HypnoMedia says:

      Well, it was that or not post anything, and I wanted to let people know there was a reason why I wasn’t publishing anything more substantial.

  • Miss R says:

    I hope that you gain your health back soon! 

    Thanks for the ads; its the first time I see some of these.

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