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Llewellyn is one of the major and best known sources for a variety of materials, including but note solely limited to alternative, New Age, psychic, pagan … You get the idea, I hope. Still, I was a little surprised to see the following post published in their regular blog:

It’s Back…In a New Way

When people get interested in learning hypnosis, their focus is frequently on the induction, moving from non-hypnosis to hypnosis. Usually, the first style of induction learned is the progressive relaxation (or progressive muscle relaxation) induction. It’s the “relax your feet, relax your ankles, relax your calves, relax your thighs” etc. induction. It takes a long time but it’s easy to learn and, in many instances, it works.  In fact, you could just read a typical PR induction written on a piece of paper and it can work.

Inductions are actually fairly simple. So why are there so many books on hypnosis? It’s because the really challenging part of hypnosis is learning what to do after the induction, after someone is hypnotized. Say the right thing in the right way and you can help people create powerful, desired changes in their lives. That’s the job of the hypnotherapist.

What it is, though is a commentary on the recent news report regarding a re-occurrence of the old “Satanic Panic” false memory diagnoses and the unfortunately necessary reminder about the safety of hypnosis and the need to be careful about selecting a therapist (advice relevant to any medical professional.)

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