The Ringmaster — Marvel Mini-Bust

The Ringmaster (and his Circus of Crime): is there ever a group as sorry as these criminals in all of comics? A truly second-tier villain and his henchmen who probably are the joke of the super-villain community.

… inevitably, the Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime end up being defeated by whatever Marvel Super-Hero happens to be attending the show.

Which appears to be just about every super-hero. from Daredevil to Spider-Man to Howard the Duck: they were even defeated by Power Pack! Still, you have to admire the man’s determination (or just plain stupidity) for coming back again and again.

But this post isn’t about the character, its really about the mini-bust sculpted by Troy McDevitt (seen above) which is the latest addition to the collection. After all, the character is so iconic that it certainly deserves a place in the collection, especially when I found it at the comics store Friday afternoon, on the sale rack. Not that the character was that unpopular as to have (or not have) a following, it was damaged, so I got it for 90% off. The damage? One of the Ringmaster’s trademark drooping mustaches is completely broken off. I could somehow find a way to repair it so I’m not that worried: besides, I’m not likely to have it out of the box.

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