By Way of Explanation

Why haven’t I been posting for the past month or more? It was because the blog was cracked and much of the behind-the-scenes operations were unavailable. Add to that, I was too busy with other things to make much of an effort to get it resolved until very recently.

The blog got cracked because of a security issue that I thought was taken care of, one that crackers tried several times to take advantage of in the past, and they finally found the crack sometime after April 1st. What happened then is that a rogue file was added to the main page and other files added to the theme directory, all for the spurious purpose of promoting fake online pharmacies. Removing the files from the front page without removing or replacing the files in the theme directory broke the administration section of the blog, until I replace the theme files with a protected copy.

Now things should be back to normal. I expect to be back on a regular schedule with a new post on schedule next weekend.

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