About Me: my name is Terry O’Brien. I have been interested in the subject of hypnosis (and related subjects) for almost my entire life, and, primarily, every representation of it in the media. I have a dilettantes’ knowledge of the subject, but I am also taking formal training in the subject.

About the Hypnosis in Media collection: I have been collecting now for roughly 40 years. The formal collection contains over 250 items, mostly fiction but many non-fictional items as well: the informal collection is even larger, consisting of items in my other book, movie and comic collections.

About the Hypnosis in Media website: originally, the website was created to maintain the list of all hypnosis-related media entries that I could find or was told about. Unfortunately, the maintenance of those listings, and of the subsequent Wiki, became too much to handle. Still, I wanted to have some presence and some place on the web to talk about hypnosis and how it is represented in the media, so a blog was the logical next step.