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30 Days of Hypnosis: Day 29

Do you have any close hypno-enthusiast friends that you’ve met on the Internet?  How did you become friends?

I was fortunate to meet many fellow hypnosis enthusiasts through the Internet, and then through in-person meetings at various events over the past decade or so, and count several of them as close personal friends. We became friends through our shared interests, including but not solely limited to our interest in hypnosis, but also our shared interests in science fiction and fantasy, including Doctor Who (quite a majority of them, amazingly), comic books, and generally geekery.

Of course, I knew some even before the Internet days, through science fiction fandom and the Usenet era, but it was only over the past several years that I met most of them, and count myself fortunate for doing so and for the opportunities for doing so.

30 Days of Hypnosis: Day 28

What are your thoughts on asshole hypnotists who prey on the vulnerable?

He’s nothing but a low-down, back-stabbing, larcenous, perverted worm… Hanging’s too good for him… Burning’s too good for him… He should be sliced into tiny little pieces and buried alive… (“Heavy Metal”‘Captain Stern’)

Does that answer the question?

I take a very dim view of anyone who preys upon others, and particularly anyone who abuses the trust others place in them. This is particularly true for anyone who abuses the trust given them by their subject in allowing the hypnotist to hypnotize them. Given the opportunity, I would do anything in my power to aid anyone so abused.

30 Days of Hypnosis: Day 27

What was your worst experience with hypnosis?

At this time, I would say that I am fortunate not to have any seriously bad experiences with hypnosis. The incident I described in the first entry in this list does not count, mainly because I don’t consider it in any way negative: slightly disturbing at the time, yes, and since interesting, ever since, but not bad.

30 Days of Hypnosis: Day 26

Is there a certain trigger you prefer more than others?

I admit to being old school here, but my preference is for the classic “sleep!” trigger, with or without a corresponding finger snap. Other triggers that appear high on my list would include the command to “Look into my eyes” and being shown a spiral disk.

30 Days of Hypnosis: Day 25

Do you find that there are certain words or phrases (not triggers) that send you deeper into trance?

I find that using the word “sleep” and related references such as “feeling sleepy” have a certain hypnotic effect on me. (Yes, how stereotypical.) It must be connected to my earliest interest in hypnosis, when trance states and sleep were accepted to be connected, at least (and yet today) in popular thought.

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