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Agents of S.W.I.N.G.

“Agents of S.W.I.N.G.” – an RPG by Postmortem Studios (2011)

Agent, the world faces many threats, threats more dan­ger­ous and more imma­nent than nuclear anni­hi­la­tion. You have been select­ed to join the secret guardians of the world.

A #Hyp­no­Me­di­a­Col­lec­tion entry.

An RPG based on British tele­vi­sion pro­grams from the Swing­in’ 60’s and Rock­in’ 70’s, from crime dra­mas to sci­ence fan­ta­sy. And, as with many RPGs, it includes rules for some form of hypnosis.

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Enchantment and Illusionism

“Enchantment: Fire in the Mind” and “Illusionism: Smoke and Mir­rors” by Mon­goose Pub­lish­ing. Two “Encyclopedia: Arcane” sup­ple­ments for the 3rd Edi­tion of Dun­geon & Drag­ons for their respec­tive schools of wizardry.

These books were writ­ten to aug­ment D&D with addi­tion­al spells, mag­ic items, feats and pres­tige class­es. This was pos­si­ble because of the Open Gam­ing and D20 Licens­es for 3rd edi­tion D&D by Wiz­ards of the Coast in the ear­ly 2000’s.

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“The Third Circle” by Amanda Quick

Leona Hewitt has secret­ly made her way into Lord Delbridge’s pri­vate muse­um to retrieve a rel­ic stolen from her fam­i­ly. But some­one else is in the dim­ly lit gallery on the same errand: a tall, black cloaked man whose very voice is enough to cause her to fall into a trance.

Thad­deus Ware, a mes­merist with psy­chic gifts, is accus­tomed to fear­ful reac­tions from others—women, in par­tic­u­lar. After all, a man who can con­trol the minds of oth­ers could rob a lady of her virtue—completely unbe­knownst to her. But Leona shows no trace of hys­te­ria in his pres­ence. A gift­ed crys­tal work­er, she exerts a rather hyp­not­ic pow­er over the hyp­no­tist him­self. And she is deter­mined to keep the cov­et­ed crys­tal they man­age to recov­er by giv­ing him the slip at a run-down Lon­don inn.

Thad­deus, on assign­ment for the Arcane Soci­ety, knows the men­ace Leona is court­ing by abscond­ing with the crys­tal. A source of remark­able ener­gy, it holds the poten­tial for great destruc­tion. Lord Del­bridge has already killed to acquire the crys­tal, his key to mem­ber­ship in the elite, shad­owy group known as the Third Cir­cle. And, with the help of a ruth­less hunter of preter­nat­ur­al skill — dubbed the Mid­night Mon­ster by the press — Del­bridge intends to find Leona. With the stolen crys­tal in their pos­ses­sion, the dan­ger is only beginning.

Two very dri­ven indi­vid­u­als, both with agen­das that set them against each oth­er, both with pas­sions that draw them together.

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New Year’s Resolution Scorecard — Week 10

A very dis­ap­point­ing week: I watched two of the teams I work for lose two games each this week­end, three of them by let­ting the oth­er team catch up and take the lead in the last min­utes. Then there was the prob­lems I’ve been hav­ing record­ing mate­r­i­al for a client, which I will have to record again this week, mak­ing it the third time for these same tracks.

Plus doing all this left lit­tle time for any­thing else. Thus no real updates this week.

New Year’s Resolution Scorecard — Week 09

I nor­mal­ly do most of the work for the blog on the weekends.

This last week­end was not a nor­mal weekend.

Three events, two din­ners, two meet­ings and a birth­day par­ty, plus work­ing on edit­ing a series of record­ings for a client. Not much room for any­thing else. I was able to put togeth­er the week­ly blog post on Fri­day because it was a book I just re-read. About the only oth­er thing I was able to do was renew “Incog­ni­to” at the library because I was­n’t fin­ished read­ing it. So annoy­ing but that’s life.

Changes: I have a num­ber of web­sites and pages open in my brows­er for even­tu­al post­ing in the blog. I have decid­ed to change that and men­tion them in my Twit­ter feed with the hash­tag “#Hyp­Know” from now on. That saves me hav­ing to write some­thing wit­ty about the page while still draw­ing peo­ple’s atten­tion to it.

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