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30 Days of Hypnosis: Day 9

What is the most important characteristic you look for in a hypnotist or subject?

Since this is a ques­tion that is essen­tial­ly two ques­tions in one, I am sup­ply­ing two answers.

What is the most important characteristic you look for in a hypnotist?

There are a lot of char­ac­ter­is­tics I look for (or, more prop­er­ly, desire) in a hyp­no­tist that I want to work with. Expe­ri­ence, qual­i­ty, edu­ca­tion cer­tain­ly are very impor­tant, as is imag­i­na­tion and the abil­i­ty to per­form the induc­tions and sug­ges­tions to a high degree of qual­i­ty and clar­i­ty. (I have seen quite a lot of hyp­no­tists so I have seen the best and there­fore am quite picky at times. ) Plus, I must con­fess to pre­fer­ring a cer­tain lev­el of attrac­tive­ness of any female hyp­no­tist. Not demand­ing, mind you, but it is some­thing ingrained that is ingrained in me as a male and prob­a­bly in most every male, I feel. (I expect the same would be true of any­one, as in wish­ing any hyp­no­tist of their pre­ferred gen­der to be attractive.)

But the most impor­tant char­ac­ter­is­tic is trust. I need to trust them. That essen­tial­ly means I have to know them and (for most pur­pos­es) to con­sid­er them to be good friends. For­tu­nate­ly, there are a fair num­ber of peo­ple that fit into that category.

What is the most important characteristic you look for in a subject?

It is large­ly the same as what I look for in a hyp­no­tist. Intel­li­gence and imag­i­na­tion are keys to being a good sub­ject, as is the abil­i­ty to accept sug­ges­tions and fol­low instruc­tions are what make for excel­lent subjects.

But again, as above, the most impor­tant thing is their trust in myself as a hyp­no­tist. (Whether I have that kind of trust in my own abil­i­ties is quite anoth­er ques­tion.) This is some­thing that was stressed in all of my train­ing: the first and most impor­tant thing is to gain the trust of the sub­ject and nev­er, ever betray it.

30 Days of Hypnosis: Day 8

Are you functional in a trance or do you have issues talking/moving?

I am very func­tion­al in a trance state, albeit in a detached man­ner. I can walk and maneu­ver, react and car­ry on a con­ver­sa­tion. How­ev­er, from expe­ri­ence, I do all these things in a sort of “time delay” mode.

30 Days of Hypnosis: Day 7

Are you a trance junkie (short term) or do you prefer a one hypnotist relationship (long term)? Why or why not?

Actu­al­ly, both and more strong­ly, neither.

I would enjoy either sit­u­a­tion, or both at the same time. How­ev­er, I am not in either sit­u­a­tion at present, nor does either sit­u­a­tion appear like­ly in the near or some­what-near future. There just isn’t the oppor­tu­ni­ties present in the vicin­i­ty for either sit­u­a­tion, nor can I afford to trav­el or relo­cate to rem­e­dy that at this time.

30 Days of Hypnosis: Day 6

Fractionation: “Yes, please!” or “No, I don’t like roller coasters. I feel nauseated.”?

“Yes, please! May I have another?”

As I men­tioned ear­li­er, I enjoy the induc­tion process, and frac­tion­a­tion is many, many sequen­tial induc­tions rolled into one com­pre­hen­sive induc­tion. I have been frac­tion­at­ed and I found the expe­ri­ence very enjoyable.

30 Days of Hypnosis: Day 5

Instant trigger *SNAP* or long drawn out “You are getting very sleepy, eyes are heavy, limbs are heavy, so very heavy, so relaxed”?

Yes to both, def­i­nite­ly, in the prop­er circumstances.

I pre­fer the long, drawn-out induc­tions to estab­lish a work­ing trance state at the begin­ning of a hyp­not­ic sit­u­a­tion. This includes the whole induc­tion process, which might include frac­tion­a­tion as a series of tran­si­tion­al long-to-short induc­tions to deep­en the trance.

I pre­fer the instant induc­tions dur­ing the sit­u­a­tion. There is some­thing pow­er­ful in the prac­tice of using a sim­ple com­mand or trig­ger to pro­duce the same hyp­not­ic trance state that only a few min­utes before required a much more involved process to establish.

Basi­cal­ly, though, I enjoy the induc­tion process no mat­ter how it is performed.

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