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Miss Pat Collins” — The Documentary

She was the most famous female hypnotist ever. She appeared in four cable network specials, numerous talk shows and game shows, at least four different TV programs as her self, and one movie appearance. She had her own club on the famed Sunset Strip in Hollywood and was friends with numerous Hollywood personalities. In between that, she also had a successful hypnotherapy practice and instructed other professional hypnotists. Very few, if any, did more to dispel the fallacies about hypnosis during her life.

She was Pat Collins.

No other hypnotist had such an impact on the popular culture, yet few people now remember her. Well, now that should change.

Now a documentary on the life of Pat Collins is available for viewing. It includes material from her movie and TV appearances in a documentary about her life. Enclosed here is the trailer for the documentary:

To purchase a copy of the documentary, go to the Miss Pat Collins website. I know I will.

Pat Collins — More Pictures

I discovered a couple of images of stage hypnotist Pat Collins that I want to pass along here.

The first (above) is a publicity photo of Pat Collins: you can see her signature on the right.

The second (above) is a shot from her appearance on “What’s My Line?” before she became the sensation she was. She appeared on the program on May 7, 1961, Season 12 Episode 36 EPISODE #563, as a contestant. However, I have not been able to determine whether she stumped the panel or not.


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