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“Thirteen Women” (1932)


Cap­sule Descrip­tion: Thir­teen women are marked for death, the revenge of one woman they denied entrance into their soror­i­ty and drove from the school. Armed with the mys­tic pow­ers of her Asian ances­try, she uses the eso­teric pow­er of hyp­no­tism and sug­ges­tion to dri­ve her ene­mies to their deaths, stoop­ing to mun­dane meth­ods of poi­son and explo­sives when those meth­ods fail.

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“The Mask of Fu Manchu” (1932)


Cap­sule Descrip­tion: The malev­o­lent Man­darin, Fu Manchu, attempts to ral­ly the hea­then Asi­at­ic hordes under his ban­ner by way of the leg­endary Sword and Mask of Genghis Kahn, pro­claim­ing him­self the rein­car­na­tion of the leg­endary con­queror. But his oppo­nent, Sir Nay­land Smith, is there to oppose his scheme.

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