30 Days of Hypnosis: Day 1

What’s your hypnosis origin story?

I can remem­ber becom­ing inter­est­ed in the sub­ject before my teenaged years. I most like­ly was around 9 or 10 at the time. Of course, by that time, I had seen hyp­no­sis as rep­re­sent­ed on adver­tise­ments on the back of com­ic books and see­ing it on TV. I remem­ber watch­ing it pre­sent­ed on movies, espe­cial­ly “The Woman in Green”. How­ev­er, the most vivid impres­sion I can remem­ber was find­ing a copy of a book on hyp­no­sis one day at the library Book­mo­bile. I was amazed to find such a thing and even more amazed to be allowed to check it out. I do remem­ber the man in the Book­mo­bile ask­ing me if I want­ed to get more books like this, but I did­n’t say any­thing because I did­n’t want adults know­ing about my inter­est in the subject.

It was a slen­der copy with black&white pho­tographs show­ing the male hyp­no­tist and female subject(s). It might have been “How to Use Hyp­no­sis” by Dr. David Tra­cy (1952) but it was cer­tain­ly some­thing from that same era. I real­ly can’t remem­ber clear­ly any longer, as that was about 50 years ago. After that it was things like watch­ing Pat Collins on the Show­time cable net­work or her appear­ance on “The Lucy Show”, going to the down­town library by rid­ing the bus and check­ing out books on hyp­no­sis there, and see­ing hyp­no­sis and all relat­ed sub­jects on tele­vi­sion and at the movies. All of this when I was still a teenager.

And that’s my ori­gin story.


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